12 December 2013

Fakta Tentang Robotic Notes

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Robotics Notes (? ロボティクス · ノーツ Robotikusu Notsu) adalah visual novel Jepang yang dikembangkan dan diterbitkan oleh 5pb .. Permainan ini dirilis di PlayStation 3 dan Xbox 360 video game konsol pada tanggal 28 Juni 2012, dengan port PlayStation Vita akan dirilis pada Q4 2013/Q1 2014. Ini adalah permainan ketiga dalam 5pb 's seri Science Adventure berikut Chaos;. Kepala dan Steins; Gerbang dan digambarkan sebagai "Augmented Science Adventure" (拡張 科学 アドベンチャー Kakuchō Kagaku Adobenchā?) [1] Enam manga telah diproduksi,. dan adaptasi anime oleh Production IG ditayangkan pada slot Noitamina Fuji TV antara Oktober 2012 dan Maret 2013. Anime telah dilisensi oleh Funimation di Amerika Utara.


Kaito Yashio (八汐 海翔 Yashio Kaito?)
Voiced by: Ryohei Kimura (Japanese), Clifford Chapin (English)
The protagonist who constantly plays the fighting game Kill-Ballad and is a member of his school's robotics club. After the Anemone-gou Incident he suffers from spasms in which time seems to be moving extremely slow for him. He is not interested in robots, and is only a member of the club to be by Akiho's side, as Misaki left her to him before she left the island.
Akiho Senomiya (瀬乃宮 あき穂 Senomiya Akiho?)
Voiced by: Yoshino Nanjō (Japanese), Lindsay Seidel (English)
The main heroine and the only other member and chairman of the robotics club at the beginning. After the Anemone-gou Incident she suffers from spasms in which time seems to be moving extremely fast for her. Her dream is to complete the giant robot Gan-tsuku started by Misaki.
Subaru Hidaka (日高 昴 Hidaka Subaru?) / Mr. Pleiades (ミスター・プレアデス Misutā Pureadesu?)
Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya (Japanese), Jarrod Greene (English)
A second-year student in the same school as Kaito and Akiho. He won the Robo-One championship several years ago and as a result Akiho tries to get him to join the robotics club, but he refuses because his father got him to promise he'd stop playing with robots in high school and become a fisherman after graduating. Kaito blackmails him into joining the club with Mr. Pleiades' identity.
Frau Koujiro (神代 フラウ Kōjiro Furau?) / Kona Furugōri (古郡 こな Furugōri Kona?)[9]
Voiced by: Kaori Nazuka (Japanese), Leah Clark (English)
Creator of Kill-Ballad and daughter of director of Gunvarrel. It is revealed that Gunvarrel was a propaganda tool being used to brainwash the masses, and when the staff of Gunvarrel discovered this they were killed by the Committee of 300. All that Frau knows is that her mother went missing and was last seen in Tanegashima, and comes to the island in search of clues.
Junna Daitoku (大徳 淳和 Daitoku Junna?)
Voiced by: Sora Tokui (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)
One of the members of the Robotics Club and a karate member.
Airi Yukifune (行舟 愛理 Yukifune Airi?)
Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya (Japanese), Apphia Yu (English)
An AI existing within Iru-O created by Kimijima, with another personality (Geji-nee) that is used by him to collect information. She subconsciously spies on Kaito for Kimijima. She was originally a girl with an incurable illness whose body was put into deep sleep in hopes that she could be cured with future medical technology. When the Iru-O servers are rebooted on Christmas Airi's personality is erased and Geji-nee returns to Kimijima's side.
Misaki Senomiya (瀬乃宮 みさ希 Senomiya Misaki?)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue (Japanese), Caitlin Glass (English)
Akiho's sister. During the Anemone-gou Incident she discovered what Kimijima was doing and killed him, but ever since has been brainwashed by his cyber-ghost.
Mizuka Irei (伊禮 瑞榎 Irei Mizuka?)
Voiced by: Takako Honda (Japanese), Lydia Mackay (English)
Misaki's best friend. After Kimijima was killed she discovered the body and hid it, which resulted in Misaki not being blamed for the murder. She dies when her HUG is driven berserk by the Committee of 300 and she falls off a cliff.
Mitsuhiko Nagafukada (長深田 充彦 Nagafukada Mitsuhiko?)
Voiced by: Yōji Ueda (Japanese), Robert McCollum (English)
Childhood friend of Misaki and Mizuka, and the teacher in charge of the robotics club.
Kaoruko Usui (臼井 薫子 Usui Kaoruko?)
Voiced by: Toshiko Sawada (Japanese), Linda Leonard (English)
The head teacher of Kaito's school.
Tetsuharu Fujita (藤田 鉄治 Fujita Tetsuharu?)
Voiced by: Nobuaki Fukuda (Japanese), R. Bruce Elliott (English)
Also known by the name "Doc". Owner of the shop "Robo Clinic" which deals in robot parts. Junna's grandfather. He creates most of the important components used in the Robot Club's creations.
Kō Kimijima (君島 コウ Kimijima Kō?)
Voiced by: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese), Eric Vale (English)
The author of the Kimijima Reports, who died several years ago. It turns out that he works for the Committee of 300 and caused the Anemone-gou incident which was in fact an experiment that would have killed all the test subjects; This was stopped by Misaki who killed him. However before his death he uploaded his consciousness to the internet and lives on through Iru-o, and now plans to execute the Committee's plans by inducing a massive solar flare that will kill the majority of the population of Earth. He uses the Kimijima Reports to manipulate people, and he has Geji-nee and Misaki (who was brainwashed by him) do his bidding in the virtual and real worlds respectively. In the end he is defeated by Kai using a virus created to destroy him by Daru.
Ken'ichirō Senomiya (瀬乃宮 健一郎 Senomiya Ken'ichirō?)
Voiced by: Takehiro Koyama (Japanese), Bradley Campbell (English)
Akiho and Misaki's father and head of the local branch of JAXA.
Sumio Nagafukada (長深田 澄夫 Nagafukada Sumio?)
Voiced by: Tetsuo Kanao (Japanese), David Wald (English)
Mitsuhiko's uncle and president of Space Ame company. He funds the Gan-Tsuku projects in exchange for publicity (the company name displayed on the robots).
Hiromu Hidaka (日高 宏武 Hidaka Hiromu?)
Voiced by: Hiroyuki Kinoshita (Japanese), Bill Jenkins (English)
Subaru's father. Opposes his son's interest in robots and wants him to join him as a fisherman after graduation from high school.
Toshiyuki Sawada (澤田 敏行 Sawada Toshiyuki?)
Voiced by: Shinichiro Miki
A son of a member of the Committee of 300, who actually works against them and has founded a secret organization which includes the characters of Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head to resist them.
Nae Tennōji (天王寺 綯 Tennōji Nae?)
Voiced by: Ayano Yamamoto (Japanese), Brina Palencia (English)
A returning character from Steins;Gate who is now 20 and works for JAXA.
(No voice)
Itaru Hashida, a returning character from Steins;Gate. Like Nae as well as the other Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head characters, he now works for Sawada's secret organization. When it is revealed that Iru-o cannot be trusted as it was created by Kimijima, he creates a replacement, "DG297 3rd Edition ver.4.11". He also creates the virus which defeats Kimijima. He does not have any speaking roles, however, and is only mentioned in passing. As of 2019, he is already married and has a daughter. "DaSH" is read "Daru the Super Hacker", but he temporarily calls himself "DaSP" ("Daru the Super Programmer") in the final chapter.

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